What’s New

The Model 15 Drum Handler

Description of Functions:

Drums to be printed are diverted from the plant transport conveyor onto the drum handler’s infeed conveyor. There, with the help of hold-back fingers, drums are metered into the drum lay-down mechanism. As soon as the photo-eye beam is broken, the drum is laid down onto its side and transported to the elevator station beneath the printing head. There, the drum is lifted up against the silk screen of the printer and held there until the printing cycle is completed. After that, the drum is lowered and the transport chain lug takes the drum to the upender station. The drum is stood upright and discharged back onto the plant transport conveyor.

Machine Features:

  • Infeed, Delivery and Discharge conveyors
  • Drum hold-back and stoppers
  • Servo-driven chain, rails and lugs
  • Servo-driven elevator assembly
  • Drum lay-down and upender mechanism
  • Photo-eyes and proximity sensors to detect drum’s progress
  • 10 cycles per minute
  • Adjustable to handle drum heights of 12”-46” and diameters of 14”-23”