Model 130T Tray Packing Machine

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The Model 130T Intermittent Motion Tray Packer

Cartoner Rates

20 TPM operating speed

Carton Size Range

  Length Width Depth
MIN. 4″ 1″ 6″
MAX. 12-18″ 4 1/4″ 12″

Machinery Dimensions

Length Width Height
12′ 5.5′ 7′

The Model 130T tray packer is the perfect complement to the most demanding production lines. With this machine one can reduce as many as 4 to 5 people from the manufacturing process.

Trays are fed from a magazine with a reciprocating placer. The reciprocating placer forms the tray into transport lugs. These lugs carry the formed tray to the product insertion station. Individual components of product enter from the infeed conveyor and are positioned in front of an indexing pusher. The pusher collates the boxes into the desired pattern. Once the pattern is formed, an overhead product pusher inserts the arrangement into the open tray. The full tray is then transported through plows, tuckers and folders to seal the tray flaps. The sealed tray is then sent through compression belts to discharge it from the machine.

Machine Features

  • Continuous motion, Lefthand machine.
  • Painted open frame construction.
  • Three foot carton magazine
  • Rotary carton pick-off
  • In-flight carton opening system
  • Barrel cam inserter
  • Product by-pass/reject chute
  • Fixed product bucket conveyor
  • Adjustable lugs and pushers chains
  • Adjustable top guides
  • Adjustable depth
  • Electrical 480 V/ 3ph / 60 Hz
  • Controls 24 VDC
  • Push button station
  • 2 HP motor with AC variable drive
  • Allen Bradley PLC
  • Omron PLS used for timing
  • Pneumatics: 75 PSI 10 cfm
  • Interlocked lexan guarding

Machinery Options

  • Digital & flat scales package
  • AB Panel view 550
  • Powered tray magazine
  • Powered depth adjustment