Model 120 Cartoning Machine

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The Model 120 Automatic Cartoning Machine

Cartoner Rates

60 CPM operating speed

Carton Size Range

  Length Width Depth
MIN. 2″ 3/4″ 4″
MAX. 12″ 4 1/4″ 12″

Machinery Dimensions

Length Width Height
13′ 3.5′ 6′

The model 120 cartoner has two distinct difference from the rest of the models that Global manufactures. The first is that this is a true wash down cartoner. The second is that this machine is designed to handle cup products without a barrel cam inserter.

Cups filled with product are timed from the infeed station into a cleated table-top conveyor. At the same time a photo-eye sends a signal to the PLC that in-turn signals the rotary placer to place one carton into the carton track lugs. The set of cups is now in alignment with the carton and is transferred by guide rails into open cartons. Minor flaps are tucked in and the lower major flaps are plowed up. The upper major flaps have hot melt glue applied to them and are then plowed down. After the carton is completely sealed, it is driven out of the track assembly and pushed into a set of discharge belts.

Machine Features

  • Continuous motion, Lefthand machine.
  • Painted open frame construction.
  • Three foot carton magazine
  • Rotary carton pick-off
  • In-flight carton opening system
  • Barrel cam inserter
  • Product by-pass/reject chute
  • Fixed product bucket conveyor
  • Adjustable lugs and pushers chains
  • Adjustable top guides
  • Adjustable depth
  • Electrical 480 V/ 3ph / 60 Hz
  • Controls 24 VDC
  • Push button station
  • 2 HP motor with AC variable drive
  • Allen Bradley PLC
  • Omron PLS used for timing
  • Pneumatics: 75 PSI 10 cfm
  • Interlocked lexan guarding

Machinery Options

  • Digital & flat scales package
  • Emboss coding
  • AB Panelview 550
  • Additional feet of magazine
  • Open flap detect/reject station
  • Powered depth adjustment
  • Dump chute